BSBC - Advogados

M&A | Corporate Law | Private Equity

M&A / Corporate Law / Private Equity are key areas of BSBC’s practice.

BSBC’s partners brought to the Firm a diversified baggage in high-profile deals, involving the structuring of mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs, from the preparation of companies for the transaction, organization and assemblance of data rooms, and performance of due diligence reviews to identify points of attention of the target business, to the drafting and negotiation of the relevant contracts, including the organization of the investment vehicle. Some of these deals have occurred in the mining, shopping centers, hotel, entertainment, education, and medical services industries, often side by side with international law firms from Common Law countries.

We devote special attention to the midmarket, particularly in the private equity and venture capital sectors, advising our clients in all stages of the transactions in which they are involved, including small and medium-sized deals. In this connection, BSBC provides legal advice to investment funds, fund managers, individual investors, and target companies.

BSBC’s corporate practice covers a wide variety of matters, such as negotiation of partnerships, creation of joint ventures, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, among other transactions. We also support the entities’ everyday activities, representing their own and their shareholders’ interests in general meetings of shareholders, and assisting them in the updating and maintenance of their company books.

We often represent minority shareholders in the enforcement of their rights against the company and the controlling shareholder. Some emblematic cases in this area, both in court and before the Brazilian SEC (CVM), have been conducted by the Firm’s partners.

BSBC’s expertise in the corporate area also involves the issuance of legal opinions analyzing a variety of matters, from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Within the scope of the CVM, we act in administrative investigation and sanctioning proceedings, representing market agents, shareholders, and managers of publicly-held corporations.

In litigation, our experience could not be more comprehensive: BSBC’s partners had the opportunity to handle cases involving the most varied topics of corporate law.

We also advise associations and foundations, in all aspects of their operations.