BSBC - Advogados

Arbitration and Strategic Litigation

Arbitration and strategic litigation, both in the judicial and administrative spheres, are among BSBC’s core activities.

In arbitration, our team has substantial experience in domestic and international arbitral proceedings involving a large variety of civil and commercial matters, including corporate and contractual disputes, related to different fields of industry, such as energy, infrastructure, civil construction, agribusiness, and transport, among others. Our professionals act both as lawyers and arbitrators, being members of the roster of arbitrators of Arbitration Chambers.

In Judicial and Administrative Litigation, our practice encompasses both the pre-litigation stage, in which we advise our clients (individuals and legal entities, amongst which associations, investment funds, and pension funds) in negotiations aiming at avoiding litigation, as well as in judicial and administrative proceedings at all Brazilian courts and levels of jurisdiction. Our experience in civil and commercial litigation covers a variety of subjects, such as corporate and contractual matters, administrative law, intellectual property, mining, infrastructure, energy, entertainment, consumer relations, and several others.

BSBC’s partners have been involved in court proceedings that became high-profile leading cases in Brazil, as well as in transnational disputes and in class actions involving settlement negotiations with public authorities.