BSBC - Advogados

Digital Law and Data Protection

BSBC has a multidisciplinary team with experience in legal counseling and litigation related to the digital era, which have become recurring concerns in the companies’ daily activities as a consequence of the recent and ongoing technological developments.

With deep knowledge of Brazilian statutes on privacy and data protection and of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) – GDPR, BSBC acts helping clients to achieve compliance vis-à-vis new legal requirements, as well as representing them before the supervisory agencies and in claims involving misuse and/or leak of personal data.

BSBC’s activities include the drafting or review of terms of use and privacy policies, compliance assessment vis-à-vis Brazilian and international rules, analysis of the lawfulness of personal data treatment, including international transfers of personal data, and representation in and out of court in civil investigations, class actions and individual claims involving breach of privacy and of personal data regulation.